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There are many reasons owners require professional help to take over and oversee the management of their business.

Maybe they can’t or no longer want to run the business but want to know it’s in safe hands. It could be they are preparing the business for a sale or to improve it and bring in new expertise to work out and implement new strategies. It’s also a great way to get a fresh perspective and if a change is needed with members of the current team.

Dedicated Business Management

Our business is ready to provide the management team your business requires.

The new management team will take the responsibility for running and improving the business. They will be backed by expertise from over 200 industry leading interim exec and non exec directors; managed service resources; mergers and acquisition experience; all backed by an accounting business with VCs ready to take an interest if needed.

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Making Opportunities Work
In these uncertain trading times with ever increasing costs, we believe, out of adversity comes opportunity, we look to support under-performing assets to gain stronger returns for our owners. This also provides options such as allowing owners to exit on their terms after receiving the expected return on their investment.

HQ UK Management work closely with iTegrate and Idea to Business Factory:

Our consultants provide offshore and outsourcing expertise to businesses that go through the Idea to Business Factory and where needed, additional help and support provided by iTegrate’s dedicated non-exec directors or boards.

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