Our Approach

Our approach is flexible to find a strategy that works best for the business.

We agree the costing model upfront. For example, we could receive a simple contractual percentage return or costs are covered but resulting uplift is shared or taking of shares can be an option. However we work together, we work and negotiate with the current owners to find the best possible solution.

Shaping a company for quality and growth.

We have extensive experience and a deep understanding of setting up, managing and integrating facilities and change within organisations.

Note that the business must have some initial cashflow, we are looking to manage and improve businesses, this is not a turnaround scenario, although if required we have partners who can look into these options as well

We can put together the right team for your business to provide a fresh perspective to identify the opportunities to achieve efficiencies in your operation. We will explore every avenue which cold also include moving out time consuming activities, which have a high labour cost, to a shared operation.

You are involved in all key decisions, we advise and provide our experience to your business.

The team will re-evaluate systems, people and processes and with our experience, expertise and resources we might be able to find additional ‘low hanging’ fruit that are not available by your current resources alone. We look to maintain tight control on quality and work and reporting is an important part of the process to make ensure visibility and to measure change.