Currently our main focus is with manufacturing and hotels.

The details below relate mainly mainly to hotels, however, key principles relate to manufacturing. We are very flexible with the type of business we can support and also have an interest with property related and professional service related businesses.

12 Month Option

With this option, we are able to reduce our fees to £1; this is where we value the business and property over a 12-month period and use the time to get investment ready.

Effectively, the investment is supplying the difference in the fees.


HQ UK MANAGEMENT has identified branded opportunities within the hospitality sector to take advantage of the new world, post-covid.

Our team is experienced in developing relationships with property agents and debt lenders, negotiating and assisting in finding funding for new owners and helping to drive business into commercial properties, delivering attractive yields.

Realising the potential of repurposing and allowing owners to exit on their terms after receiving the expected return on their investment, is our goal.

HQ UK MANAGEMENT match properties to new owner requirements, the right type/size of operation, length of term and funding available. In these uncertain trading times with ever increasing costs, we believe, out of adversity comes opportunity, we look to support under-performing assets to gain stronger returns for our owners.



Dependent on what has been agreed, we can market, manage, operate and sell a property on behalf of the owner – this may be under our brand, the owner’s brand or an alternative agreed name.

Our managed contract model has the flexibility to create the contract around the owner’s commercial or reputational priorities.

  • Fees are typically agreed on revenue and EBITDA delivery.
  • Typical details are below (but everything is open for discussions);
  • Freehold, or otherwise ownership sits with the owner – no change.
  • No lease created.
  • The term is typically 5-10 years (but can be any length with break options).
  • The owner enjoys an income dependent on the financial performance of the hotel, less our fees.
  • The hotel is maintained by the us through the trading account (major repairs typically require capital from the owner).
  • The condition of the hotel at the end of the term will be dependent upon the maintenance regime agreed (FFE reserve) – no dilapidations are applicable.
  • The owner’s income is completely dependent on the performance. There will be performance clauses giving the owner flexibility to review.

Key advantages

  • Robust business model.
  • A fully outsourced solution.
  • Valuation of trading business likely to be higher than the property it trades from.
  • Break options and performance related clauses.
  • Any capital appreciation of the hotel over the term sits with the owner.


We can provide support through consultancy or even a fully managed service, looking after every aspect of your hospitality business.
We cover:

  • Operations
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Revenue Generation
  • Food and Beverage
  • Leisure

Using our specialist knowledge in:

  • Hotel Development
  • Branding
  • Finance and Accounting
  • HR Placement
  • Investment Appraisals
  • Procurement.

Our partners provide specialisms in these sectors:

  • Kitchen design
  • Design (architectural and interior)
  • Landscaping


We specialise in developing systems and guidelines to deliver agreed levels of service in a fully compliant, safe and professional manner. KPIs and regular reviews are part of our culture, taking away the day-to-day management for you.

Any changes and directions will be agreed in advance through monthly review meetings with you. Our aim is to drive consistency and quality improvements against industry benchmarks, supported by our experienced senior operations team.

  • Senior management KPIs
  • Structured reviews and succession planning
  • Implementing SLAs
  • Management of the training and development of all employees
  • Ownership of health and safety
  • Structured business development meetings
  • Aid with industry information to challenge and drive performance
  • Management of the assets to pre-agreed levels of authority
  • Internal audits to manage control
  • Human resources


We generate revenue by traditional sales and marketing activities as well as repurposing with the distribution and management tools available in the hotel market.

  • Distribution and channel management
  • Web brand SEO and SEM
  • E-commerce and E-distribution
  • Agency relationships including OTAs
  • MICE business

Our sales strategy will take into account:

  • Pricing
  • Promotions
  • Discounts
  • Commissions

We will appraise your hotel and formulate a sales strategy.


What kind of performance to expect?
How much investment is needed??
What will the returns be?

With access to market data from independent sources demonstrating the market performance in the various hotel sectors, we can provide an initial feasibility to assist in the development planning.

Professional team
We are partnered with industry professionals such as architects, designers, planning consultants, traffic experts and landscape consultants so we have the right experience to maximise potential.

Financial modelling
Our automated platform allows for unlimited modelling to seek out the best option.

Project management
We have access to skilled board level resource.


With a network of partners and a pro-active approach to revenue management covering all aspects of your business. We focus on industry metrics, average room rate, occupancy, Rev PAR, Trev PAR and yield management.
A bespoke set of KPIs across the sales team will focus and drive revenues.

Support in:

  • Website development
  • Database management
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Campaigns and promotions to drive business during shoulder periods
  • Brochure production
  • Onsite marketing
  • Social media campaigns
  • OTA content management
  • Brand positioning
  • GDS implementation
  • PMS management


If you get your restaurant right it can become your largest revenue stream. For some operators, who go in half-heartedly, it never provides a suitable return and is a constant headache. We can help you optimise your food and beverage revenue by looking at what the market needs.

Menu concept design and dish development
Good menu planning involves creating concepts to match the surroundings and needs of the clientele you wish to attract.

Our relationships with suppliers helps to control our costs. Suppliers are engaged at an early stage in preparation of the concepts. We can advise on trends, brands and market conditions.

Restaurant design and build
Good design is paramount in the success of the food and beverage offering. Our partners include designers, architects and builders from concept to delivery.

Financial control
Setting up systems for control and reporting. Accurate evaluation to help improve conversations and menu development.


Dependent on size and facilities, added value from this can transform your business.

  • Product
  • Cost base
  • Local positioning
  • Memberships
  • Associated revenues

A business within your business warranting its own sales and marketing strategy. This is whilst it remains integrated and complementary to all your other product offerings.

Members will then be encouraged to utilise all the features on offer, increase the length of their visits and spend across the whole of the business.

Why Choose HQ UK Management?

  • Friendly and professional team 
  • High quality service
  • Supporting your UK teams
  • Adding value to your business
  • Lowering costs without compromise