Working Together

You are already running or selling a business that’s not performing .

Let’s explain how we can help.

Where there is a business that you need someone to step-in and help support. We are ready to help.

We can do a deal where we utilise our services and support to run the business, we both have a profit share from the business. Utilising the support of TSZ Services also means we can support the growth of the your and your clients business or provide cover for busy periods, holidays and sickness.

We can provide the services as they are, or if you selling a business and have some services, you could add / substitute your own services to enhance TSZ Services. You or a member of your team could also be appointed as an interim director and be part of the solution.

Well, we are here to help, whatever your needs.

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Mix & Match marketing tasks

Partnership Opportunities with TSZ Services

We have interim directors and managed services; as part of a wider service we also collaborate with TSZ Services for a variety of interims with different specialisms.

We have a couple of great referral opportunities with TSZ Services. Great as sometimes you might know a business that is looking for a solution that just isn’t what you do or you might not be able to manage it. They will be able to manage and you still get rewarded!

1) Shared Services Referral

A pooled resource solution providing different amounts of support depending on your client needs. Find out more about the service here

If a business you refer signs and pays for one of our Shared Service solutions we will provide you with a one-off £150 thank you. 

(Terms apply – use the form below to find out more).

Business Meeting

2) Managed Services Referral

A Managed Service solution providing support that could be marketing support (TSZ Services provide other types) including one of our many amazing interim directors. Find out more about the service hereIf a business you refer signs and pays for a Managed Service solution we will provide you with a one-off £500 thank you. 

(Terms apply – use the form below to find out more).

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